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  Eddie "Coop" Cooper is an underground hip-hop artist from Illinois. Born in Chicago and raised down state in Bloomington were he mastered his craft. Coop has always had a passion for creatiing music starting off writing poetry and eventually morphing his game into writing and coordinating songs. His influences growing up were artists such as Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Twista, Psychodrama, The Snypaz, 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Nas, Curtis Mayfield, Jodeci, Al Green, James Brown and many more. Coop

has and uncanny gift of creating hip hop with lyrical content that the listener can visualize and also feel. His music can go from extremely personal, to the street, to being politically and socially charged, and sometimes just being flat out fun and turned up! He invokes emotion and the intensity that is needed in great music.  His gravely voice spews poetic verses that the average person can embrace while covering all feelings of joy to pain and all inbetween. Creating great music for 15 plus years and also being one third of the Group Distrikt 87  has allowed Coop to open up for artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Young Jeezy, Shawana,  GLC, Gorilla Zoe, Petey Pablo, Crucial Conflict and many more while also being the main event at venues such Goose Island in Chicago. In the winter 2012 Coop released his first solo mixtape entitled "Searching for Eddie Cooper that has done well in the underground arena in places such as Chicago, New York, St. Louis, and Atlanta. The buzz from the "Searching For Eddie Cooper" mixtape has afforded Coop the opportunity to have front page articles on blogs such as,, and has been featured on countless others. With such high quality and unique music Coop has also been featured on Digital Dynasty mixtape series. Presently Coop is working on new material and recently has signed a digital distrubution deal with Ingroove Records/Universal Music Group Distrubution. Coop has also been in the forfront of an upstart urban clothing line called "The Fooleys" which stands for "The Feeling. Of. Outspoken. Living. Enriching. Your. Soul." Coop is moving into a bright future and hopes that you are there to ride the wave with him.

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